Nick Runs Marathon De Sables (MDS) Peru

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Nick is taking on ‘the hardest race in the world’, The Marathon De Sables, a 260km self sufficient race across the Ica desert in Peru. Find out more here about Nick and this event and be sure to check back to see how he is getting on as he will be sending us daily updates…

Nick is a 38 year old father of 3 and husband to 1! A keen runner and a finisher of the MDS 26, there may seem to be some unfinished business with the MDS and hence the desire to revisit what was in his words “one of the best things I have ever done”. We are thrilled that Nick has chosen to run for the fund and we are able to add the MDS Peru to our list of goals and achievements.

The Marathon De Sables (MDS) is a 260km (that’s 161 miles!!!) self sufficient race across, historically, the Sahara desert. This year however is the first ever edition to be held in the Ica desert in Peru! With all your food, kit and whats left of your sanity carried on your back for 7 days the experience is like no other. You will ask yourself many questions, convince yourself to keep going, have real lows and great highs, and strive to be the best you can be in an environment you really were not built for. Described as the hardest race in the world, the journey soon begins for Nick on the 26th November!

This is such a HUGE challenge, and we wish Nick the absolute best of luck!





1 Comment

  1. Catherine Peters
    November 24, 2017

    Hi Nick, thought I would get organised early and find the website, updated it to .com as Diana let me know she couldn’t open it.
    You must be really itching to start now, hope the jet-lag wasn’t too bad and you are feeling acclimatised.

    All fine here, I was “running” my lengths in the pool today and thinking of you, so I might sponsor you £1 a length, mmm will that make me “run” more or less each day???!!! hahaha Watch this space.
    Look after yourself tho’ I know you will push yourself to the limit, which is who you are and I guess what its all about. When you get too tired just steal some of my energy, I’ll be sending you bucket loads.
    love you, keep looking at the moon, mum xx