Christine’s Wall of China Challenge

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Christine Fisher, a former work colleague of Scott’s, is set to take on a colossal challenge for the ScottBellFund!  Find out about her 6 day Great Wall of China trek and why she has decided to do it for the fund here…

“On the 5th October I am taking on the challenge of trekking 6 days on various parts of the Wall of China I have been thinking about this for a few years! Last year after joining Ramblers my friend Margaret and I decided we both had the desire to do something that would push us to our limits but at the same time fulfilling a dream we both had.

The trip is with a small group of 12 people and we begin our journey in Beijing. The trip walking the wall is 6 days continuously and the terrain is different on every section. See below a picture of an area we are doing. Finally the trip ends with a visit to the Terracotta Warriors.

I have been walking all year trying to prepare for the trip but as it gets nearer the nerves are starting to kick in! Hence the reason I have decided to do the challenge for a charity which is extremely close to my heart. As many of you know I have battled breast cancer and there are lots of charities out there supporting all forms of cancer so I have decided on MND (motor neurone disease).

As many of my work colleagues know Scott Bell sadly passed away of the disease in 2013, you can read more of Scott’s courageous battle on this website.  He was a true fighter he was so positive and never gave up (this is what I will need on my six day trek). Secondly recently one of Scotland’s most loved rugby players was diagnosed with the same disease. Doddie Weir read his story here and watch him talk about his reactions to being diagnosed.

I was lucky I survived a disease that gets a tremendous amount of funding,  this disease does not and that is the reason I have chosen it. I will be thinking about Scott and Doddie when I am trekking on the wall and hoping they will give me the strength and inspiration to achieve a dream.”


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